Classroom hack – Marker pen on the partition

First post in a series on classroom hacks. Short tips that help in the classroom

This one relates to keeping the classroom clean.

It can be hard to distinguish the partition from the whiteboard when you are writing in a hurry. I have had almost all age ranges doing it including adult students.

Hand sanitiser takes it off very easily. It only works on the partition.  

Never use it on the white board.  

Sakata partion got pen on it at some point. Watch me in action!

Did you already know this or has your mind been blown?

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One thought on “Classroom hack – Marker pen on the partition”

  1. It helps keep the classrooms clean if everyone knows this!

    A couple extra tips:

    Using hand sanitizer (or any alcohol) can also help get marker stains off clothes, wallpaper, and other surfaces. Dabbing with a towel after soaking the stain or lightly brushing with a toothbrush often works well.

    For any surface, the alcohol trick works better the sooner you do it. Catch a mark before it sets, and it’s fairly easy to wash off. Let it set for a week, and it takes a lot more work.

    Whiteboard markers use an alcohol solvent that evaporates quickly, so soaking anything with alcohol can help get the marks back off. But test first with clothing so that you don’t further ruin a favorite shirt!

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