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Welcome to MY English School’s teaching web journal!

We have a blog on MY’s main website that highlights events and some of what we do at MY. That blog gives a great glimpse of our schools. This journal is from the perspective of MY’s teachers, about how we teach, why we teach, what we teach, and where we teach. It gives us the space to talk about our teaching, share about ourselves, learn from each other, and become better teachers.

MY English School was founded in 2001 in Higashine, Yamagata, Japan, to provide quality English language education to companies, organizations, and individuals. Owned and operated by a licensed, experienced teacher, MY has grown to include Yamagata’s only immersion bilingual kindergarten, in addition to language schools across Yamagata prefecture and in Hyogo.

MY’s teachers have hailed from nearly a dozen different countries and come with a variety of teaching and other professional experiences.  This journal is a space where we share our voices.

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